Our Brands.

At Curate Foodservice, our brands are a reflection of our ongoing commitment to culinary innovation and leadership that will deliver quality products at an outstanding value. But most importantly, they have been lovingly created with our customers in mind to help make their operations more successful.

Winchester Farms

Designed to provide our customers with comparable products to compete with major manufacturers, Winchester Farms offers a large selection of ready to cook poultry cuts from wings, to tenders, to breast chunks, to strips and more. Our private label of premium poultry products offers our customers the quality and consistency they have come to expect without the premium price tag.

Global Kitchen Food Co.

Our brand, Global Kitchen, allows us to deliver a diverse and flavorful collection of products inspired by flavors and cooking methods from around the world. For example, our sous-vide style line, helps us provide ready to serve products ranging from vegetables to rice to protein all in a convenient serving size that allows for safe food handling practices.

a Tavola

With a focus on returning to the basics of authentic Italian cuisine, our a tavola brand, meaning “at the table” emphasizes pristine ingredients combined simply and cooked properly, as is the unmistakable signature of Italian cuisine. We invite you to experience a little bite of Italy without needing your passport through our line of pastas, pizzas, sauces and more.

Value Mark

Are you interested in a 30-40% savings on your COGS? Does your menu have the flexibility to incorporate “perfectly imperfect” poultry products? If so, we are excited to introduce Value Mark to you, our ongoing line of chicken SKUs offered to you at a true value.


With the United States being the melting pot of ethnicities from around the globe, our NOSH brand has been influenced by many cultures. We want our guests to experience a variety of authentic flavors from around the world and promise that there will be big flavors packed into small bites. NOSH features handheld foods that you would most likely find on any food truck.